Getting to Crested Butte

Getting to Crested Butte


Getting to Crested Butte isn’t as difficult as one might be led to believe. Winter or summer, there are many way to get here, and enjoy everything that Crested Butte and Gunnison have to offer.
Getting to Crested Butte

By Air:

The Gunnison/ Crested Butte Regional Airport is served year round by full size jet airplanes. One of the most common connections is Denver, one of the busiest airports in the world with flights from nearly anywhere available. Direct flights are also available from Houston, Dallas, and Chicago. Another option is the Montrose airport, located roughly an hour and a half away. In addition to the cities that serve Crested Butte, flights arrive in Montrose from Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Alpine Express offers a shuttle service to Crested Butte from the Montrose airport.

By Car:

From Denver, the fastest and most scenic route takes highway 285 to Buena Vista, and then follows Cottonwood Pass to highway 135 and Crested Butte. This route contains roughly 12 miles of graded dirt road, and is closed in winter. Use highway 285 to highway 50 during the winter months. Unlike resorts along and near I-70, the drive to Crested Butte is almost always traffic free.

From Grand Junction and other points West, the graded dirt Kebler Pass road is likewise the fastest and most scenic road during the summer months. During the winter, drivers must take highway 50 past Blue Mesa reservoir to Gunnison.

From Texas and Oklahoma, exit I-25 at Walsenburg and take highway 160 towards Alamosa. From Alamosa, head north on highway 285 to the small town of Saguache, and take highway 114 from there to highway 50 and Gunnison.

By Foot

One of the most memorable experiences one can have getting to Crested Butte is to arrive via foot over West Maroon pass, past the Maroon Bells. This hike from Aspen is a long and strenuous day, but thousands complete the journey every summer. For more information, including shuttle information, visit this website.

Those are just a few of the ways to get to Crested Butte, and may be subject to change due to airline schedules or road closures. Want more information? Contact me anytime, and enjoy your stay in Crested Butte- hopefully even making it your new home!