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Ep. 36 Deadhead Ed | The Original Grateful Dead Ski Bum

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With a name like "Deadhead Ed", it should come as no surprise that Ed Boardman is a big fan of the Grateful Dead.  He saw literally 100's of shows when the Grateful Dead were still touring prior to Jerry Garcia's passing.  And he continues to see shows that "spun off" from the band, such as "Dead and Company", "Phil and Friends", etc.  He also became a "taper", meaning he would record the shows that he was attending in the audience.  Grateful Dead fans the world over eagerly trade live tape recordings of the shows.  This experience had a practical aspect as well- leading Ed to a job at the Crested Butte Center for the Arts in their audio-visual department.

Ed originally came to Crested Butte after an unfortunate break-in at his home in Summit County, where he lived for roughly 10 years.  His first winter in Crested Butte was spent in a travel trailer with his pets at the old Irwin Lodge, where the annual snowfall tops 500".  He worked in the kitchen and the trailer was plugged in to the lodge. He's also competed in every "Arapahoe Basin Enduro", a skiing endurance event where competitors make as many runs as they can on the famous Pallavicini ski lift.  Lastly, Deadhead Ed's Chihuahua Rita is quickly becoming nearly as well known around town as Ed, so keep an eye out for the two of them!

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Ep. 36 Deadhead Ed | The Original Grateful Dead Ski Bum
Article Name
Ep. 36 Deadhead Ed | The Original Grateful Dead Ski Bum
Crested Butte is Home Podcast Episode 36: Deadhead Ed Boardman is featured in the podcast episode, recalling his days "on tour" with the Grateful Dead, plus his years in skiing in Crested Butte.