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Skiers across the world dream of owning ski in ski out property. Ski-in/ski-out property is property that surrounds a ski area where the property can be accessed directly from a ski run.

Crested Butte ski in ski out property for sale
Crested Mountain and the Buttes condos- two ski in/ ski out condo complexes near the base area.

It does not mean, as I have been asked, that the home can only be accessed with skis (as one would find at a seasonal property in a location such as Irwin). Also, it does not apply to properties that are close to the ski area but not actually on a ski run, such as Mountaineer Square or the Grand Lodge. Unfortunately, some real estate agents will advertise properties as ski-in/ski-out when they should more accurately be described as skier access. It is the same difference as beachfront property compared to “ocean view” or “beach access” properties that aren’t actually on the beach.

Crested Butte ski in ski out property is some of the best found at any ski area, and in some cases is surprisingly affordable. For those looking for a home or home site to build their dream home on, some of the most likely areas include the Summit subdivision, parts of Anthracite drive, Gold Link, and Prospect. Several condo buildings near the Crested Butte Mountain Resort base area are ski-in/ski-out. View the map below to search ski-in/ski-out properties in Crested Butte. Every marker has a link which takes you to a description along with current properties for sale. And as always, contact me with any questions you might have.

Crested Butte ski in ski out properties

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