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Ep. 62 Stevie Kremer | Worldwide Trailrunning Champion

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Stevie Kremer was born in Germany, but moved to Connecticut with her family before she was 1 year old.   Her life on the CT shore, not far from New York City, was typical- golf, tennis, etc, before heading to Colorado College in Colorado Springs. It was while attending CC that she was introduced to Crested Butte and fell in love with the place, as so many of us do.

Once she arrived in Crested Butte after college, she began hiking and realized she could run instead of hiking half the time, so why not run? So she kept running and even ran her first race, Crested Butte's "Cart to Cart". But it was while she was teaching in Italy that she began competing at a high level in mountain trailrunning, and not only that, she started to win races across Europe, where trailrunning is a huge sport.

Trailrunning took her to every continent except Antarctica, even though she was working full time as a teacher at the Crested Butte Community School. In the winter, she discovered "skimo" racing, donning lightweight skis and racing up the mountains and winning those races, too.  Today, she still races, still works at CBCS, but her focus is now on being a mom.


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Ep. 62 Stevie Kremer | Worldwide Trailrunning Champion
Article Name
Ep. 62 Stevie Kremer | Worldwide Trailrunning Champion
Crested Butte is Home Podcast Episode 62: Stevie Kremer not only discovered her love of trailrunning when she moved here, she also excelled at it, winning races across the world.