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Ep. 48 Danny Hartigan | Skateboarding, Kayaking, Rock and Roll, and Roofs

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Growing up in Boston, Danny Hartigan developed a love of skateboarding as well as snowboarding.  He recalls the early days of snowboarding when he had to take a test to prove he should be allowed to snowboard at "ski" areas.  Snowboarding brought him west, to Western Colorado University in Gunnison.  

He continued to skateboard during the summer and perhaps surprisingly, Colorado is home to a thriving skating scene thanks to parks like the ones found in Crested Butte and Gunnison.  It's even possible that the Big Mine park (one of the earliest in CO) in Crested Butte will be expanded in the coming years.

Next, we moved on to kayaking.  The 90's were a time of exploration on the local rivers and Danny talks about his own experiences as well as some of the first descents on creeks like Oh-Be-Joyful and Daisy creek.  This is some great history for all you "river rats" out there.

Finally, we talked about his rock and roll band- Gun Rack, which you may see in Crested Butte or in Gunnison.  And we finish off with roofing, ice dams, and what you can do to keep your roof in good shape in Crested Butte.


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Ep. 48 Danny Hartigan | Skateboarding, Kayaking, Rock and Roll, and Roofs
Article Name
Ep. 48 Danny Hartigan | Skateboarding, Kayaking, Rock and Roll, and Roofs
Crested Butte is Home Podcast Episode 48: Danny Hartigan talks about the early days of snowboarding, the skatboarding scene in Crested Butte and the CO mountains, early kayak descents of Oh Be Joyful, being in a rock and roll band, and even his day job as a roofing contractor in the Gunnison Valley.