Buying a home in Crested Butte?

Will you Regret Buying a Home in Crested Butte?


While homebuyers in Crested Butte may rely on me, as their real estate agent, for advice when buying a home in Crested Butte, I’m far from their only source. Crested Butte homebuyers also rely on their friends and family to decide if their dream home should remain just a dream, or become a happy reality. Buying a home in Crested Butte? It’s a difficult decision, of course, especially because so many of our buyers are not buying their primary, year-round residence. One of my prospective buyers from the Boulder/ Denver area asked one of their friends whether they had any regrets when they purchased a second home roughly a year ago. I haven’t met their friends, and I wasn’t their agent when they purchased their property. But I loved what they had to say (although I think we have great restaurants here and just about everything I ever need :)). [Used with permission]

Pros: I have never felt better about a big decision ever. No regrets. Cozy, happy place. Chose CB because once you’re there you’re THERE. And because it’s the best place on earth. And because it cures whatever ails ya (within reason, of course). And because it has almost everything I like about Telluride or Aspen but it’s keeping it real. Real people, affordable, etc. And because it gets super crowded on xmas, president’s day and July 4th (and a good bit of summer) but from a trail perspective it’s wide open as far as your eye can see. And because you don’t go on I-70 (can if want but don’t have to) you can come and go when you please. But those are little compared to I love it because it’s magnificently beautiful and inspiring in every direction.

Also there’s been a recent bump in real estate, so I say get in while the gettin’ is good, but don’t count on me. Could be a bump, could be a trend.

Cons: Food availability not so good. Road biking very limited. Mountain is pretty small (this is a pro, too) and will be staying that way.

There you have it.

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