Vinotok Festival


Fall marks the timing of one of Crested Butte’s most notable events- Vinotok. Vinotok started as a way for Crested Butte newcomers (skibums) and the oldtimers (miners of slavic descent) to create a tradition to share together. This led to storytelling nights, a “liar’s night” to see who could tell the biggest lie, and a community feast. The culmination, however, is the trial of the grump, and eventual burning of the Grump. The trial of the grump takes place on Elk Ave and could be called a morality play. From there, assuming the Grump is found guilty (and he always is), the procession leads to the 4-way stop and the Grump’s eventual demise via fire. The event takes place in September, close to the equinox, and more information can be found HERE.