Sold: Grand Lodge #116 Crested Butte Condo


Sold, via buyer representation, is Grand Lodge unit #116 in Crested Butte, CO. This Crested Butte condo was listed at $59,000, and sold for a negotiated price of $45,000, nearly 25% below asking price. This is a great lesson that asking prices in the Crested Butte area are most certainly negotiable. This ground floor condo is a good short term rental property within walking distance to the slopes of Crested Butte Mountain Resort. Like other 1st floor condos at the Grand Lodge, pets are allowed for guests, giving it a leg up on other properties when vacationers are looking for a place for not just themselves, but their furry friends as well. The Grand Lodge also features an indoor/outdoor pool, hot tub, on-site spa services, and great food at the Woodstone Grill. If you’re curious about other properties at the Grand Lodge, please use this link, which contains additional information about the Grand Lodge, or contact me today. I’m happy to send a FAQ sheet, site plan, and average rental numbers!

Crested Butte real estate buyer's agent