Sold: 26 Castle Road #4


Sold, via buyer representation, is 26 Castle Road, #4, in Mount Crested Butte, CO. Located in the Solar Sixplex condominiums, this 2 bedroom condo features a number of upgrades, a great location, and low dues. Many condos in the Crested Butte area have HOA dues in excess of $500 per month, while the Solar Sixplex is only $200 per month- an important consideration for this property. My buyers had been looking for a property just like this one, and were able to view it right after it came on the market, beating any other interested buyers to the property. The negotiated price was $245,000. If you’re curious about other properties in this price range, please use this link or contact me today.

crested butte real estate condo sold in solar sixplex at 26 castle road.