Snodgrass Trail Closure 2016


One of the sure signs that summer is winding down in Crested Butte is when the Snodgrass trail closes for the season. The date varies from year to year, but this year the last day to ride or hike Snodgrass is 8/21/2016. Once the sun goes down, the sign will be flipped and you’ll have to wait until winter, when you can still backcountry ski in the area. I decided I better beat the rain today and had a great ride- only seeing a handful of people along the way. So get outside and enjoy the Snodgrass trail while you still can. As always, thanks to the Allen family, the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association, and everyone else that keeps this trail open every summer!

Snodgrass Trail Crested Butte CO.  2016 fall closure.