New Restaurants and Entertainment in Crested Butte


Many of the bars and restaurants in Crested Butte have been around in their current location for, well, forever. Others seem to move around or be replaced by other options. This winter saw some great additions to the Crested Butte dining scene with an expansion of the offerings at The Sunflower, and the well-received Coal Creek Grill. Also this winter, the popular Montanya’s Rum Distillery moved down Elk avenue to the Mexicali Grill location, and the new location seems perfect. Montanya’s has quickly become a “must-do” for visitors to Crested Butte. This summer, the old Montanya’s location (the Powerhouse) will return to Mexican fare. 

Rumor has it that the Slope building, near the Old Town Hall, will become a brewpub from the owners of Eleven/Irwin. Big plans are in store for the Grubstake building in the heart of downtown. A nightclub capable of handling bigger, more well-known acts is in the planning and permitting process. The West End Tavern, just steps away from my office here at Keller Williams, will be closing its doors this weekend when the owner relocates to CA. No word yet on a possible new replacement, but it’s a great location so one would expect something to replace it soon.