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Ep. 61 Kyleena Falzone | Secret Stash, Travel, Philanthropy

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Kyleena Falzone is originally from Buffalo, New York.  From a young age, she knew she wanted to work in the restaurant business, and that only intensified after a visit with relatives in Sicily, Italy, who owned a restaurant there.  For several years, Kyleena would work in restaurants from Vail to the Hamptons, learning as much as she could about the business, and spending off seasons pursuing her other love- traveling to far-off locales like India.  So far, she's visited roughly 90 countries across the world.

When the time was right, she opened a coffee shop in Western New York, but she was ready for a change and fell in love with Crested Butte and a small restaurant space at the end of Elk Avenue, where she opened the original Secret Stash pizza location. She also runs Bonez in the historic Powerhouse location, and for a short time also had a unique concept in Mount Crested Butte called The Sweet Spot, although that didn't work out quite as planned so we talked about that as an interesting counterpoint to the amazing success she's had at "the Stash".

Finally, we talked about what she's been doing during the Corona Virus pandemic.  Free food, farmer's markets, delving into social media- Kyleena is one entrepreneur who has not shied away from making changes and keeping her businesses top of mind, while also helping locals at the same time.  Her realization that she has a real knack (and voice) for raising money is now leading her to another project- this time a non-profit.


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Ep. 61 Kyleena Falzone | Secret Stash, Travel, Philanthropy
Article Name
Ep. 61 Kyleena Falzone | Secret Stash, Travel, Philanthropy
Crested Butte is Home Podcast Episode 61: Kyleena Falzone talks all things Secret Stash, Bonez, Sweet Spot, feeding the locals during the pandemic, and so much more. Entrepreneurs, you want to listen to this one.