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Ep. 9 JC Leacock | Landscape Photography


J.C. Leacock is one of the most well-known landscape photographers in Crested Butte.  With a career that began in 1988, J.C. built a business and a following by capturing some of the most well-known scenes from the Crested Butte area. Learn more about how JC got his start as a professional photographer and the niche that he has built for himself.  In this episode, we talked a lot about the changes in professional photography thanks to the revolution of digital photography and social media apps like Instagram.  The barriers to entry may be smaller today, but it’s harder to become recognized with so much quality imagery in the marketplace.  Moving beyond photography, JC and I discuss another hobby of his- building guitars from scratch.  If you have an interest in photography or even guitars, you’ll want to give this episode a listen.

You can find J.C. Leacock here: jcleacockphotogallery.com

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Ep. 9 JC Leacock | Landscape Photography
Article Name
Ep. 9 JC Leacock | Landscape Photography
Crested Butte- based landscape photographer JC Leacock is the subject of episode 9 of the Crested Butte is Home Podcast. Learn more about his start as a professional photographer, the changes in the photography world thanks to the digital revolution and social media, and more. JC also builds his own guitars, so we talk about that process as well.