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Ep. 69 Aaron Blunck | 2X Olympic Halfpipe, Gold Medal X Games

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Aaron Blunck was born to ski.  His grandfather started the ski school here in Crested Butte, his mom was a longtime instructor, his dad loves to ski, and Aaron had to keep up with his big brother somehow, too.  By 8 he and his brother were skiing on their own, equipped with cheap radios to call home in case they needed to.

Aaron was always into jumps and he pretty quickly started to excel at it, especially in the halfpipe discipline.  Before he knew it he was competing in the X Games and Olympics before he'd even gotten out of high school.  He went on to win an X Games gold medal, World Championships, and compete in a second Olympics.  

In this episode, we talked about the entire arc of his ski career, how grateful he is to have grown up in Crested Butte, and where he sees his ski career heading in the future.


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Ep. 69 Aaron Blunck | 2X Olympic Halfpipe, Gold Medal X Games
Article Name
Ep. 69 Aaron Blunck | 2X Olympic Halfpipe, Gold Medal X Games
Crested Butte is Home Podcast Episode 69: Aaron Blunck talks about growing up skiing Crested Butte, and how it led to his Olympic and X Game career in halfpipe.