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Ep. 66 Lucille Lucas | NYC Art World to a Life of Adventures

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Lucille Lucas grew up in New York City, with parents that were deeply immersed in the art world.  That meant that she was able to meet artists like Salvador Dali and others, and Lucille began practicing her own art at a young age as well.  But a trip across the country proved to her that NYC wasn't her place- the smaller and slower life in the rural West was more her speed.

She learned how to ski and backcountry telemark ski when few people were doing it, and also lived in a teepee above Aspen, CO for a winter. Another adventure started at the farmhouse she was living at in Northern California- "Come with us to Morocco, and let us buy a VW bus in your name", they said.  Give this one a listen to find out where that story ends up.  She also worked at the famous "bathhouse" in Crested Butte, which was a popular spot in the 70's.

She is the owner of the Lucille Lucas gallery, specializing in prints- many of which were made by her father.  We finish the conversation discussing art in general, as well as the art scene here in the Creative District of Crested Butte.  This was one of my favorite interviews so far, so I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.


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Crested Butte Real Estate Minute

This episode is being released in November of 2020, and the real estate market continues to be incredibly busy (normally this is a slower time of year). Therefore, it remains a great time for sellers, and for buyers, they should be ready to "pull the trigger" if they see something that they like. Contact me, Frank Konsella, at my website for more information.

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Ep. 66 Lucille Lucas | NYC Art World to a Life of Adventures
Article Name
Ep. 66 Lucille Lucas | NYC Art World to a Life of Adventures
Crested Butte is Home Podcast Episode 66: Lucille Lucas grew up in artistic NYC, meeting famous artists like Dali. But she spent most of her life here in Crested Butte, accumulating amazing adventures.