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Ep. 6 Bart Laemmel | Forensic Carpenter


Bart Laemmel has a lifetime of experience in the science of building homes and businesses.  Years of seeing buildings fail took him to where he is now- a “forensic carpenter” hired to fix buildings that have moisture, energy, and other problems.  Bart works with builders throughout the Crested Butte and Gunnison area, consulting them on proper building techniques, in addition to working with homeowners.  If your home seems particularly drafty, or you’re worried you might have a problem with mold or another health concern, Bart is the person you should give a call.  We spend a lot of time in this episode talking about the challenges of building in a mountain environment like Crested Butte.  This episode goes a little longer than normal, but only because it was such an interesting interview.

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Ep. 6 Bart Laemmel | Forensic Carpenter
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Ep. 6 Bart Laemmel | Forensic Carpenter
Episode 6 of the Crested Butte is Home podcast looks at how houses fail with Bart Laemmel, who describes himself as a forensic carpenter. Bart is not afraid to enter homes and crawl spaces that have problems with mold, moisture, and heat loss- and then make them right. This was a fascinating episode, we had to go longer than normal because there was so much to cover!