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Ep. 57 Alan Bernholtz | LA Surf Bum – Mountain Guide – Crested Butte Mayor

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Alan Bernholtz grew up in sunny Los Angeles, California and unsurprisingly took to surfing.  Certain aspects of the surf scene didn't appeal to him however, so at 18 he packed up moved to Aspen.  But Aspen never felt like the friendly community he was looking for, and a chance visit to Crested Butte convinced Alan to move here.

After a few other jobs, Alan eventually began working for Jean Pavillard and Adventures to the Edge guide service.  He began guiding on his own in the summer and eventually bought the guide service which was renamed Crested Butte Mountain Guides.  He sold that company to some of his guides and then helped Eleven Experience set up their cat skiing operation in Irwin.

But what we spoke about a lot in this interview was community.  It was that sense of community that led to Alan running for town council and eventually mayor.  His guiding focus?- keeping that sense of community in Crested Butte strong, after all, that's what convinced him to move here.  Alan is a natural story teller, so this episode flows right along and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.  PS- this episode is marked as "explicit", so keep that in mind when you listen to this episode.


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Ep. 57 Alan Bernholtz | LA Surf Bum - Mountain Guide - Crested Butte Mayor
Article Name
Ep. 57 Alan Bernholtz | LA Surf Bum - Mountain Guide - Crested Butte Mayor
Crested Butte is Home Podcast Episode 57: Alan Bernholtz, former Crested Butte mayor, traces his path from LA, to running a mountain guide service, to town politics and back to running a guide service for internationally based Eleven Experience.