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Ep. 53 Kent Viles | A Musical Life and the Dobrato

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Kent Viles hails from Muncie, Indiana (amazingly, my second guest from there).  He grew up with an ability I've never had- the ability to play musical instruments.  Like many of my guests, Kent had a love of skiing and the outdoors despite being far from mountains in the midwest.  So when it came time to choose a college, he found Western Colorado University and stayed in Gunnison after graduation.

Kent has been involved with many aspects of the music industry, as former owner of Wildwood Music, a composer for television and film, as well as wiring houses for music in the early days of whole-house audio.  But what he's most well known for at this point is a guitar which he developed called the Dobrato.  It combines elements of different types of guitars to create it's own highly unique sound.  It's been used in a Grammy-winning song, and played by musical titans including Jimmy Buffet and more.  In this episode, Kent not only describes the development of the instrument, but also plays a short demonstration!  Enjoy!


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Crested Butte is Home Podcast Episode 53: Kent Viles of Castle Creek Guitars talks about his career in the music industry, including the development of the Dobrato, a unique guitar that has made its way from Gunnison to the hand of famous musicians.