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Ep. 50 Than Acuff | Soccer Coach, Sports Reporter, and the CBAC

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Than Acuff grew up on the East coast, skiing and playing soccer before heading West to attend Colorado College in Colorado Springs.  He began visiting Crested Butte and like so many of us, knew it was the place for him.  As soon as he graduated, he found himself in Crested Butte, working the typical ski bum jobs that so many of us here in Crested Butte started off with.

Eventually, however, other opportunities began to present themselves.  He was asked to be the soccer coach for the high school team, and was able to lead the Titans to a state championship in 2018.  Meanwhile, an "off the cuff" tale of a soccer tournament in Grand Junction led to his job as the long-time sports reporter for the Crested Butte News.  In fact, he even helped start the News when it split off from the Crested Butte Chronicle and Pilot, which is a great story as well, which we cover.

Finally, Than is the director of the Crested Butte Avalanche Center.  He was caught in an avalanche during the 2018-19 winter- thankfully it all went well and it's become a learning experience which he shares on this podcast episode.


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Ep. 50 Than Acuff | Soccer Coach, Sports Reporter, and the CBAC
Article Name
Ep. 50 Than Acuff | Soccer Coach, Sports Reporter, and the CBAC
Crested Butte is Home Podcast Episode 50: Than Acuff discusses his role as coach of the Titans soccer team that won the state tournament in 2018, the stories he's told as the sports reporter for the CB News, as well as life as executive Director of the Crested Butte Avalanche Center.