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Ep. 5 Danielle Riesz Gutter | Pastry Chef Extraordinaire


Danielle Riesz Gutter leads a sweet life- literally. As the owner and head pastry chef at Wildflour Sweets, her days are spent making the most delicious treats you’ll ever experience. And her wedding cakes- they are as beautiful as they are delectable. In this podcast episode, Danielle describes her lifelong career as a pastry chef, as she traveled from upstate New York to Jackson Hole, Dallas, and Aspen before finally hitting the sweet spot of Crested Butte. Has a bear ever broken into her car and eaten an important wedding cake? You’ll have to listen to find out.

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Ep. 5 Danielle Riesz Gutter | The Sweet Life of a Pastry Chef
Article Name
Ep. 5 Danielle Riesz Gutter | The Sweet Life of a Pastry Chef
Episode 5 of the Crested Butte is Home podcast dives into the world of delicious deserts and exquisite wedding cakes with Danielle Riesz Gutter of Wildflour Sweets. Danielle discusses her life as a pastry chef starting at a young age, with stops along the way in big cities and other mountain towns before starting Wildflour Sweets in Crested Butte.