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Ep. 49 Ben Breslauer | The Busiest Person in Crested Butte?

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OK, Ben Breslauer probably isn't the busiest person in the world, but for those of us looking in, it might seem like it.  Ben started and continues to run the Crested Butte Burger Company, at the base of the ski area.  Additionally, he's the facilities manager for the Club at Crested Butte, with locations in both Mount Crested Butte as well as the golf course in Skyland.

For most people, that would be enough.  But Ben Breslauer is also highly involved with local non-profits and public lands committees.  He is the president of the G.O.A.T.S (Gunnison Valley OHV Alliance of Trailriders), on the board of directors for the CBAC (Crested Butte Avalanche Center), and a founding committee member for both GPLI (Gunnison Public Lands Initiative) and STOR (Sustainable Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Committee).  I may have even missed a couple in there! Just writing that sentence made me tired- find out how he finds the time to do all this, why he does it, and still find time to ski, mountain bike, dirtbike and more. 


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Ep. 49 Ben Breslauer | The Busiest Person in Crested Butte?
Article Name
Ep. 49 Ben Breslauer | The Busiest Person in Crested Butte?
Crested Butte is Home Podcast Episode 49: Ben Breslauer is a busy guy, as facilities manager for the Club at Crested Butte, and running the Crested Butte Burger Company. Ben is also passionate about his favorite sports, so he donates his time and energy to a number of non-profits in the Gunnison Valley, from GOATS and the CBAC to GPLI and STOR.