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Ep. 47 Debra Callihan | Saving Pets in the Gunnison Valley

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Debra Callihan has deep roots here in the Gunnison Valley.  She was born here while her father was at Western Colorado University, which Debra also attended.  Even when her husband was Colorado's Lieutenant Governor, they tried to spend as much time as they could here, rather than in Denver.  Don't worry- we don't talk about politics too much, though we did discuss it a little bit.

Debra is perhaps most well known for her involvement with local animal rescue groups.  She helped keep what is now know as the Gunnison Valley Animal Welfare League (GVAWL) going back in the 80's, growing it into the tremendous organization that it is today.  Seeing a need for a foster-care approach to animal rescue, she is now heavily involved with Gunnison Underdog Rescue (GUR).  GUR has proved to be so successful that they even take in animals from other parts of the state.

When it comes to advice for those contemplating adoption, she has several pieces of advice- do your homework, spay or neuter, and "adopt, don't shop".


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Ep. 47 Debra Callihan | Saving Pets in the Gunnison Valley
Article Name
Ep. 47 Debra Callihan | Saving Pets in the Gunnison Valley
Crested Butte is Home Podcast Episode 47: Debra Callihan talks about her deep roots in Gunnison, her time in wine country, being married to the Lieutenant Governor of Colorado, and her long-standing involvement with organizations that save pets in the Gunnison Valley.