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Ep. 46 Noah Wight | Crested Butte Television

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Noah Wight is my guest on this episode of the Crested Butte is Home podcast.  Noah spent some of his youth at the hippy hamlet of Ward, located west of Boulder, Colorado, before moving to the East coast. He eventually made his way back to the University of Colorado and eventually Crested Butte.

Noah has been the owner of Crested Butte's television station, CBTV10, for many years.  Many people will recognize him from his daily weather forecasts for the Gunnison and Crested Butte area.  We talk about the logistics of running a TV station, as well as the challenges of making sure his TV station remains available over the airwaves and other methods.

Noah injured his spinal cord years ago (while wearing a helmet), and we talk about that accident, making his home accessible, and his return to skiing and other sports since the injury.


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Ep. 46 Noah Wight | Crested Butte Television
Article Name
Ep. 46 Noah Wight | Crested Butte Television
Crested Butte is Home Podcast Episode 46: Noah Wight of Crested Butte's television station, CBTV10, talks about TV, being the local weatherman, and more.