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Ep. 44 Stephanie Ballard | Interiors you can Covet

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Growing up in the midwest, Stephanie Ballard jokingly described her favorite pastime as "picking tar out of potholes with sticks".  All kidding aside, she actually had a talent for volleyball and went to school in Charleston, South Carolina.  Her dream of being an interior designer was on hold for a little while after college, while she successfully followed other career options.

Eventually she made her way to southern California, took a pay cut, and began what she calls an apprenticeship in interior design.  Her career got a boost when Hollywood called and she appeared on interior design shows on Bravo and Lifetime television.  After meeting her Crested Butte-based fiance in California, she made the move to Crested Butte and now operates Covet Living Interiors.  In this episode we talked a lot about design, what's a trend versus what is timeless, and more. If you have any interest in design and decorating, you will surely enjoy this episode.


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