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Ep. 42 Eric Larsen | Cold Weather Explorer

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Eric Larsen grew up in Wisconsin, where he loved to be outside and come up with his own adventures in his backyard.  That desire to be outside and explore has continued to this day.  Eric is a professional explorer, and has led trips to the North Pole, South Pole, Mount Everest, Greenland and more.

Eric continues to come up with new ways of exploring.  As one example, he's been doing mini "state adventures", where he comes up with a cool adventure in each state.  We talk about what goes into planning these big expeditions, as well as the business aspects, like attracting sponsorship money.  Here in Crested Butte, his adventures are more straightforward and familiar to many of us- as simple as spending time with his family or riding the 401 trail on his mountain bike.  The ability to have an adventure right from his front door is one of the reasons why Eric recently relocated here.

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Ep. 42 Eric Larsen | Cold Weather Explorer
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Ep. 42 Eric Larsen | Cold Weather Explorer
Crested Butte is Home Podcast Episode 42: Eric Larsen is an adventurer and explorer, with trips to both poles, Mount Everest and more under his belt. In this episode, we talk about exploration, from planning to actually doing the hard work of actually making them happen..