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Ep. 39 Randy Felix | Search and Rescue, Firefighting, Rigging Ropes in High Places

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Randy Felix has held a number of fascinating jobs over the years.  An interest in climbing led to several years of "rigging" ropes.  One example of rigging would be safely placing chainlink fence over a cliff that threatens a highway below.  He also traveled the world setting up the ropes for adventure races, connecting desert towers with ropes for the racers, or a rappel next to /Telluride's famous Bridal Veil falls, as two examples. 

He also began fighting wildfires in Oregon after seeing a help wanted sign.  That led to a career as a firefighter including many years travelling between Breckenridge and Crested Butte for work.  Today, he's one of the first full time paid firefighters at the Crested Butte Fire Department.  He's even volunteered in Honduras to work with firefighters there.

Finally, Randy has also donated time to multiple search and rescue organizations.  Presently, he is the president of Crested Butte search and rescue.  If you are lost or injured somewhere in the backcountry, search and rescue is the organization that will come to your aid- and it's a volunteer effort so you won't be charged if you do need help (unless of course you need an ambulance or heli rescue).  If you're looking for a great non-profit organization to donate your time or money to, consider CBSAR.

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"Ropes Rigging" at Primal Quest -There are some great photos of some of the projects Randy describes in the podcast episode.

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Ep. 39 Randy Felix | Search and Rescue, Firefighting, Rigging Ropes in High Places
Article Name
Ep. 39 Randy Felix | Search and Rescue, Firefighting, Rigging Ropes in High Places
Crested Butte is Home Podcast Episode 39: Randy Felix discusses rope rigging for everything from adventure races to highways, fighting fires with the Crested Butte Fire Protection District, and his role as president of Crested Butte Search and Rescue