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Ep. 38 Brian Riepe | MTB Racing and Mountain Flyer Magazine

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Brian Riepe starting racing mountain bikes professionally back in the early days of MTB racing.  Once his career in MTB racing started to end in the late 1990's, he managed Colorado Boomerangs, which produced boomerangs in Gunnison.  There aren't a lot of manufacturing jobs in this area, but that was one of them.  He also competed in endurance horse racing- backcountry horse racing events with required pit stops that frequently lasted 6 hours or more.

But mountain biking remained a passion.  With some knowledge of the printing business, he began publishing Mountain Flyer magazine.  Mountain Flyer covered mountain biking with a rocky mountain based perspective, rather than being based in California or the East coast.  He remains at the helm today, though the magazine is now owned by a company with other magazine titles.  We discuss the publishing business and why Mountain Flyer has been successful during times that have been difficult on other publishers. Mountain Flyer recently started a podcast- so check that out too.  We also discuss the role of the magazine in terms of promoting mountain bike advocacy.  And then we go down the rabbit hole of E-bikes (bikes with battery assist on the uphill)- which is a surprisingly contentious issue.

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Ep. 38 Brian Riepe | MTB Racing and Mountain Flyer Magazine
Article Name
Ep. 38 Brian Riepe | MTB Racing and Mountain Flyer Magazine
Crested Butte is Home Podcast Episode 38: Brian Riepe talks about the early days of mountain bike racing, endurance horse racing, Colorado Boomerangs, and creating Mountain Flyer Magazine.