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Ep. 37 Gary Pierson | Western Colorado University

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Gary Pierson grew up in the Southeast corner of Colorado in the town of Lamar.  Lamar isn't in the mountains, so Gary grew up doing the things that kids in that part of the state (along with neighboring Kansas and Oklahoma) do, like football.  It wasn't until college, at Adams State in Alamosa, that he began participating in mountain sports like mountain biking and skiing, but he quickly fell in love with the freedom of those sports.

His career in college administration took him to several college towns including the midwest, so when the opportunity to come back to Colorado at Western in Gunnison, he jumped at the chance and has been here ever since.  He's fallen in love with not just the recreational opportunities, but also the town of Gunnison and the students of Western, that he helps on a daily basis.  

If there's one thing I've learned in these 37 (and counting!) podcast episodes, it's that Western Colorado University plays an integral role in life in the Gunnison valley.  Enjoy this episode where Gary and I get to talk about all things Western-

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Ep. 37 Gary Pierson | Western Colorado University
Article Name
Ep. 37 Gary Pierson | Western Colorado University
Crested Butte is Home Podcast Episode 37: Gary Pierson from Western Colorado University talks about his role at the school, plus his love for Gunnison and the recreational opportunities available here.