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Ep. 30 Turner Petersen | Growing up Crested Buttian

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Turner Petersen is one of those few lucky souls who actually grew up right here in Crested Butte.  While other guests on the podcast can say the same, Turner is the first guest that graduated from the Crested Butte Community School- just last year. (Prior to the late 90's, Crested Butte kids had to go to Gunnison for high school). Other home grown episodes include #21 Andy Eflin, and #14 Barb Peters.

Now going to college in Utah, Turner talks about growing up in Crested Butte, and what it means to him now that he is no longer here.  While many of Turner's peers needed to leave Crested Butte to realize what a special place it is, Turner almost always had the same love for skiing, and by extension Crested Butte, that his parents have.

He also started backcountry skiing at a relatively early age- in fact he had to wait several years before he was allowed to take his avalanche course by the local guiding company.  What do his parents, peers, and mentors think when someone that age wakes up at 3 in the morning just to ski a local peak, such as Whetstone Mountain's "M face"?  Listen to find out...


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Ep. 30 Turner Petersen | Growing up Crested Buttian
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Ep. 30 Turner Petersen | Growing up Crested Buttian
Crested Butte is Home Podcast Episode 30: Turner Petersen talks about life as a teenager in Crested Butte, leaving town for his first year of college in Utah, and his love for skiing, both at the resort and in the backcountry.