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Ep. 25 Pat O’Neill | Every Grand Traverse | Teaching in CB

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Over twenty five years ago, Pat O'Neill got the call he was hoping for and began his career as a teacher in Crested Butte.  Over that time, he's been able to watch the school grow from the small location where the town offices are now located, to the much larger K-12 school on the edge of town.  Not only has the school grown, it's also become one of the highest rated schools in Colorado, public or private.  We discuss the reasons for that success, as well as some of his favorite books from his English classes.

When he isn't teaching, Pat can often be found skiing, and training for races such as the Al Johnson and Elk Mountain Grand Traverse.  The Al Johnson is an annual uphill-downhill telemark race on Crested Butte's North Face, and Pat has won the event on multiple occasions.  The Elk Mountain Grand Traverse is an even bigger event, drawing competitors from around the world to ski the 40 miles from Crested Butte to Aspen.  Pat pioneered the course, has competed every year (finishing all but one time), and won the event as well.  Not bad for a full-time teacher! Pat tells a great story about his partner's ski on top of Star Pass, so make sure not to miss that.


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Ep. 25 Pat O'Neill | Every Grand Traverse | Teaching in CB
Article Name
Ep. 25 Pat O'Neill | Every Grand Traverse | Teaching in CB
Crested Butte is Home Podcast Episode 25: Pat O'Neill talks about his 25 year career as an English teacher at the Crested Butte Community School, and competing in every Elk Mountain Grand Traverse ski race from CB to Aspen