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Ep. 22 | Krista Powers | Vermont Sticky and ICELab

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Krista Powers moved from Vermont to Crested Butte in the late 90’s- but that doesn’t mean she forgot her Vermont roots.  Those roots include maple syrup production starting back with “Grandpa Archie” back in 1959.  Recently, Krista has taken that small business to new levels with her company Vermont Sticky, that can be found in many local establishments throughout the Gunnison Valley.  During a Grand Traverse Ski race from Crested Butte to Aspen, Krista also started to think about making energy gels and energy powdered drinks with maple syrup.  She talks about those products and even lets us in on a product that she hasn’t quite released yet (but will be soon!).

Another interesting topic that we discussed was her involvement with ICELab- a program for small businesses and start-ups that I think is a really great amenity for budding entrepreneurs in the Gunnison valley.  ICELab is not only a co-working space in Gunnison, it also features experts across a variety of subjects from across the country that business owners take their businesses to the next level. She recently completed the program by making a pitch at “Trout tank”, more or less a local version of the TV show Shark Tank.


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Vermont Sticky products would be a great gift during this holiday season- check out the website below to buy directly or find local retailers: 
Vermont Sticky

Interested in learning more about ICELab?  Visit their website to learn more about their Incubator and Accelerator programs, Gunnison office space, and more:
Gunnison ICELab

Ep. 22 | Krista Powers | Vermont Sticky and ICELab
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Ep. 22 | Krista Powers | Vermont Sticky and ICELab
Crested Butte is Home Podcast Episode 22: Krista Powers talks about being a 3rd generation maple syrup producer with her company Vermont Sticky which is expanding into new categories like energy drinks. We also discuss ICELab, which provides education and mentorship for local business owners.