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Ep. 11 Mary Boddington | Talk of the Town

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Chances are, you’ve run into Mary Boddington somewhere in Crested Butte.  Perhaps you’ve seen her snowboarding down Crested Butte Mountain Resort, or maybe she’s poured you a drink at her bar, the Talk of The Town. In episode 11, Mary and I talk about her childhood in Colorado Springs, riding horses, skateboarding, and learning how to snowboard on the front range.  Mary tried out a snowboarding competition, and quickly won the Crested Butte event and her competitive snowboarding career took her from Crested Butte to the biggest mountains of Europe.  Today, however, she is the new owner of the Talk of the Town bar on Elk Avenue in Crested Butte, a fixture in town that everyone’s been to at least once, if not more times than they can remember. Maybe you’ve even ridden your townie bike right through the bar, as sometimes happens during weddings and other special occasions.  How does Mary balance bar ownership and being an athlete?  Listen up and we’ll find out…

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Ep. 11 Mary Boddington | Talk of the Town
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Ep. 11 Mary Boddington | Talk of the Town
Mary Boddington is episode 11's interview on the Crested Butte is Home podcast. Mary discusses her competitive snowboarding career, her other outdoor pursuits, and her latest venture as the owner of the venerable Talk of the Town bar on Elk Avenue in downtown Crested Butte.