Crested Butte Swimming Pool


Many of my clients are looking for a Crested Butte condo with a specific amenity, whether that’s a hot tub, covered parking, or easy ski access. Because there is no public Crested Butte swimming pool, pools are another amenity that I’m sometimes asked to find. During the summer months, there are great swimming holes to be found in places such as Long Lake, but the rest of the time, a pool is a better bet, unless you’re part of the polar bear club.

The Gunnison recreation center does have a public pool for those looking to make the commute down valley. A closer option is the Club at Crested Butte in the Skyland neighborhood, which has a great pool available with paid memberships. But for my clients that are looking to purchase a condo with a pool, there are five choices, listed below. (Click on any of the links or photos for additional information about the condo complex, including all current listings)

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Crested Butte pool at the West Wall LodgeWest Wall Lodge

The West Wall pool is an outdoor one, located near the Alpine Club, hot tub, and within view of the West Wall chairlift at this ski-in/ ski-out condo complex.

Crested Butte Pool at Grand LodgeGrand Lodge

The Grand Lodge pool is a terrific indoor/ outdoor pool that kids love to go back and forth under. The hot tub is also nearby, on the outside part of the pool.

Crested Butte Swimming Pool at Three SeasonsThree Seasons

The Three Seasons pool is located in the large South facing atrium, with plants and a comfortable indoor atmosphere. The hot tub is located nearby, and french doors allow access to the outdoors and a BBQ area.

Crested Butte pool at Chateaux condominiumsChateaux

The outdoor Chateaux pool is a perfect spot to hold your next pool party, with views of Crested Butte from the pool deck area. The hot tub and the condominium clubhouse are both nearby as well for extended gatherings.

The pool at Lodge at Mountaineer Square in Crested Butte COLodge at Mountaineer Square

The Lodge at Mountaineer Square has a smaller, more intimate pool on their elevated deck. Like many of the other Crested Butte pools, the hot tub is right next to it, perfect for relaxing after hiking, biking, or skiing.