crested butte off season

Crested Butte Off-Season Restaurant Options


When I first moved to Crested Butte over twenty years ago, “off-season” really meant something. Generally speaking, only one or two restaurants were open on any given night between summer and ski seasons. These days, town slows down but many businesses stay open and there are still plenty of options. What’s open this off-season (fall, 2014)? Check below, and call first to confirm, since hours are subject to change.

crested butte off seasonMount Crested Butte

Avalanche Bar and Grill (349-7195)
Closed during off-season.

Butte 66 Road House (349-2999)
Closed during off-season.

Camp 4 Coffee (349-5148)
Mountaineer Square location closed during off-season.


Django’s Restaurant & Wine Bar (349-7574)
Closed during off-Season.

Elevation 9380/Prime (970-251-3000)
Open during off-season.

Iron Horse Tap (349-7300)
Open (closed Tues/Wed)

Woodstone Grille (349-8030)
Closed during off-season.

Crested Butte

Bacchanale ​ (349-5257)
Closed October 31 – November 3.

Brick Oven Pizzeria and Pub (349-5044)
Open during off-season.

Camp 4 Coffee (349-5148)
Crested Butte: Open 6:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
CB South: Open – 11 a.m.

Coal Creek Grill (349-6645)
Closed November 2 – December 11.

Dogwood Cocktail Cabin (349-6338)
Closed during off-season.

Donita’s Cantina (349-6674)
Closed October 19 – December 10.

The Eldo (349-6125)
Open during off-season

Ginger Café (349-7291)
Open during off-season.

Izzy’s (349-5630)
Open during off-season

Kochevar’s (349-7117)
Open during off-season.

Last Steep (349-7007)
Open during off-season.

LeBosquet Restaurant (349-5808)
Closed until mid-November.

Lil’s Sushi Bar & Grill (349-5457)
Open Tuesday through Saturday.

Marchitelli’s Gourmet Noodle (349-7401)
Open through October.

Maxwell’s Steakhouse (349-1221)
Open during off-season.

McGill’s (349-5240)
Open during off-season (breakfast & lunch).

Mikey’ Pizza (349-1110)
Open during off-season.

Paradise Café (349-5622)
Open during off-season.

Pitas in Paradise (349-0897)
Open during off-season.

Princess Wine Bar (349-0210)
Closed October 19 – November 2.

Ryce Asian Bistro (349-9888)
Closed until early December.

Secret Stash (349-6245)
Open during off-season.

Sherpa Café (349-0443)
Open during off-season for dinner.

Slogar Bar & Restaurant (349-5765)
Closed October 12 through early December.

Soupcon (349-5448)
Closed November 2 – December 16.

Sunflower (349-6866)
Open for lunch (Wed – Fri); weekend brunch.

Teocalli Tamale (349-2005)
Open during off-season.

Why Cook? (349-5858)
Closed until October 20.

Wooden Nickel (349-6350)
Open during off-season.

Crested Butte South

Ruben’s New Mexican Restaurant (349-5003)
Open during off-season.

Tulley’s General Store (349-2551)
Open during off-season.