crested butte horseback riding

Crested Butte Horseback Riding


Horseback riding is a popular summertime activity in the Crested Butte and Gunnison areas. Reconnect with the old west! Gunnison County has over two million acres of public land, and thousands of miles of trails on those lands, so finding a place to ride is easy. Outfitters are available for day trips as well as for pack trips, often popular during hunting season. Well-known outfitters include Harmel’s resort near Almont and Fantasy Ranch, near the Snodgrass trailhead.

crested butte horseback riding
Photo courtesy M.P.

Looking for a property where you can keep your own horse? Many non-subdivision properties are perfect for keeping horses. Near Crested Butte, subdivisions to consider include Crested Butte Highlands, Roaring Judy, Danni Ranch, Red Mountain Ranch, and Trapper’s Crossing. Close to Gunnison, take a look at Antelope Hills, Tomichi Heights, and Ohio Meadows.