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Crested Butte Community School Ranked #6 in US News And World Report


The Crested Butte Community School was recently ranked the 6th best school in Colorado by US News And World Report, which also makes it the highest ranked mountain school. When I first moved to Crested Butte in 1993, Crested Butte didn’t even have a secondary school, with students instead attending Gunnison High School. These days, some of the elementary grades have multiple classes due to the growth of both Crested Butte and the school. The success of the school has been a big part in Crested Butte’s growth recently, with many second homeowners deciding to make the full time switch to Crested Butte thanks to the school. Indeed, if you’re considering a move based on education, Crested Butte should be near the top of your lists thanks to the Crested Butte school rating so highly in both Colorado and the nation. Congratulations to all the hard working teachers and staff at the school who helped make the school the success that it is.
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