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Client Testimonial- Scott W., Denver, CO

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Here is a recent recommendation for my Crested Butte real estate services from a seller in the Crested Butte area:

“Frank is so easy to work with. He was very responsive to all of my questions and anything else I needed. He is pleasure to work with!”

Scott entrusted me with the sale of his condo. With tenants in place, we worked together to make the condo look great and he was able to sell it for more than his asking price. Along the way, I was more than happy to help him find a locksmith for a locked storage area he couldn’t find the key to, a handful of small projects that the buyer asked for, and a cleaner after the tenants moved out a day before closing. I’m always happy to assist with finding the right people to facilitate a closing and take some stress off my clients! Thanks Scott!

As one of Crested Butte and Gunnison’s most highly recommended real estate agents, my goal is to consistently receive recommendations just like this one. If you, or anyone you know, is in need of a great real estate agent, please contact me today.

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Client Testimonial- Scott W., Denver, CO
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Client Testimonial- Scott W., Denver, CO
Crested Butte real estate seller recommendation for Frank Konsella, Crested Butte Real Estate Agent