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Client Testimonial- Megan F, Mancos, CO

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Here is a recent recommendation for my Crested Butte real estate services from a buyer in downtown Crested Butte:

“Frank is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. He makes all aspects of the home search, buying a property, and closing on it easy and seamless. Frank has great input on all the local communities, properties, and locations throughout the valley and will put the time into researching one’s questions further.

Frank is honest, interested in learning more and helping his clients out, has great attention to detail, and engages all of his clients and other agents. He was always one step ahead of me in providing feedback and finding connections throughout his network.

What I valued most about Frank is how he went above and beyond in all aspects of the real estate process. He provided honest feedback, thorough communication, and was available when needed. I would highly recommend Frank to anyone looking to buy or sell in the area!”

It was a pleasure working with Megan! As she alluded to in her review, I was able to assist her even after closing- connecting her with a “handyman” for a few small projects, and helping her find a stove in great condition that another one of my clients happened to be selling. All of this was done so the condo would be ready as a long term rental, something in short supply these days!

As one of Crested Butte and Gunnison’s most highly recommended real estate agents, my goal is to consistently receive recommendations just like this one. If you, or anyone you know, is in need of a great real estate agent, please contact me today.

If you are looking for more reviews of Frank Konsella, you can see all of them on my real estate testimonial page.

Client Testimonial- Megan F, Mancos, CO
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Client Testimonial- Megan F, Mancos, CO
Crested Butte real estate buyer recommendation for Frank Konsella, Crested Butte and Gunnison Real Estate Agent