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Client Testimonial- Joe and Katie, Boulder, CO

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Here is a recent recommendation for my Crested Butte real estate services from a buyer in the Crested Butte area:

“We met Frank a few years ago while just ‘kicking tires’ – when our search became more motivated we reached out to Frank because of his notable knowledge of the local area, professionalism and low pressure style that we appreciate. Working with Frank did not disappoint – he was able to pinpoint our criteria and find a fitting property before it was listed. Once under contract he was organized, responsive and his positivity kept the contract together even when a couple last minute extensions were required. We won’t hesitate to work with Frank in the future or to recommend to a friend.”

As and Katie alluded to, this was another transaction that had a hiccup, but one with solutions. A recent change in Fannie/Freddie lending guidelines put the mortgage broker at a standstill (one that may affect many condos in the area). The broker was able to switch lending partners and the buyers were able to change things on their end as well, so we were able to continue and make it to closing. Every transaction is different and sometimes it isn’t as simple as anyone would like, but there is usually a solution.

As one of Crested Butte and Gunnison’s most highly recommended real estate agents, my goal is to consistently receive recommendations just like this one. If you, or anyone you know, is in need of a great real estate agent, please contact me today.

If you are looking for more reviews of Frank Konsella, you can see all of them on my real estate testimonial page.

Client Testimonial- Joe and Katie, Boulder, CO
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Client Testimonial- Joe and Katie, Boulder, CO
Crested Butte real estate buyer recommendation for Frank Konsella, Crested Butte Real Estate Agent