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Elk Ridge 1 condos in Crested Butte

May 18, 2016

Elk Ridge Condominiums- Mount Crested Butte

Elk Ridge 1 condos in Crested Butte

Elk Ridge I Condos

There are three different Elk Ridge Condominium complexes in Crested Butte, Colorado, known as Elk Ridge 1, 2, and 3 (also known as ER I, II, and III). The locations of the 3 complexes can be seen in the map below, by clicking on the “balloons” within the map.
Elk ridge 2 Condos Crested Butte

Elk Ridge 2

Elk Ridge I Condos[/caption]Elk Ridge 1 is a small four-plex on Castle road. This complex has big views and low dues, and is located on a wintertime free bus shuttle route. Elk Ridge 2 is located just off of Gothic road near the Pitchfork development, which is also where a year-round bus stop is located. This complex contains three buildings plus a single family home which is also part of the condo HOA. Elk Ridge 3 is located off of Gothic road, near the turn to the main ski area parking lot. Unlike I and II, Elk Ridge III condos feature a garage and a clubhouse complete with a hot tub.

All three of these complexes feature more owner-occupied units and long-term rentals than other condos in Mount Crested Butte (as opposed to short-term rentals). As of 5/18/2016, there have been two sales in the past two years at Elk Ridge I, with a median sales price of $194,500. There were no sales in the past two years at II and one at III for $215,000. If you are interested in buying or selling an Elk Ridge condo, or would like more information, don’t hesitate tocontact me anytime.

Elk Ridge 3 Condos Crested Butte

Elk Ridge 3

Elk Ridge Condos For Sale

Article Name
Elk Ridge Condominiums- Mount Crested Butte
Overview, map, photos, and current Elk Ridge (1, 2, and 3) condos for sale near Crested Butte Mountain resort in Mount Crested Butte, Colorado.
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